Print & Ship 1.15 for WooCommerce released

Print & Ship 1.15 for WooCommerce: Improved error handling and order processing We have just released Print & Ship 1.15. This version contains some bugfixes and improved logic. Thanks to all our partners who have been reporting the issues and suggestions to us. Bugfix: [...]

2021-05-31T12:14:18+02:00April 22nd, 2021|

New: Order Desk to automate your order flow

New: Order desk to automate your Invition order flow We are excited to announce that Order Desk has integrated our order API! This platform automates your order flow to us. You can now automatically send orders from Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Etsy, Amazon and a lot more E-commerce platforms. [...]

2021-03-17T13:34:17+01:00June 22nd, 2020|

Print & Ship version 1.9 launched for WooCommerce

Print & Ship 1.9 launched for WooCommerce Yesterday we have launched version 1.9.0 of the Print & Ship extension for WooCommerce. We jumped to 1.9 because there are some major changes. I will explain the changes below and the impact it might have on your website. [...]

2021-03-23T09:21:04+01:00April 7th, 2020|

Holiday packaging and Christmas extras

Holiday celebrations on your WooCommerce webshop December has started and people are purchasing their Christmas gifts. If you use our Print & Ship plugin and you wish to do some extra marketing activities for the holidays, we have an exciting feature for you! You can add gifts and [...]

2020-12-29T13:52:17+01:00December 3rd, 2019|

Gift items functionality added in WooCommerce

Gift items functionality added to WooCommerce We have just released Invition Print and Ship for WooCommerce version 1.5.1. This version adds a new feature which can be used to add free gift or packing items to an order. You can use two different options. Add an item [...]

2021-03-23T10:53:20+01:00August 23rd, 2019|

Print & Ship 1.5 for WooCommerce

Version 1.5 of Invition Print & Ship for WooCommerce We have just released version 1.5 of Invition Print & Ship for WooCommerce, in this article we will describe the changes in the software. New features in the plugin To make the settings page more readable, we [...]

2021-03-23T10:54:40+01:00July 25th, 2019|

Price management now available in Print and Ship for WooCommerce

Price management now available in Print and Ship for WooCommerce We just released version 1.4.2 of Invition Print and Ship for Wordpress, containing some bugfixes and the often requested feature price management for variations. We realise that you cannot change 5000 prices manually so we integrated some tools [...]

2021-03-23T10:55:57+01:00June 19th, 2019|