Version 1.5 of Invition Print & Ship for WooCommerce

We have just released version 1.5 of Invition Print & Ship for WooCommerce, in this article we will describe the changes in the software.

New features in the plugin

To make the settings page more readable, we have split the page in tabs. Also we have added a new part where you can create your own e-mail template. You can change the contents of the Track & Trace e-mail to your own language and text! Please note that this e-mail is only sent when we have used a tracked shipment. Regular mail shipments will not trigger this e-mail.

Changes and bugfixes

The following bugs were fixed:

– Bugfix: Undefined property: stdClass::$amount_left in classes/class-new-products-table.php on line 337
– Removed tablenav bottom actions at Simple products page to prevent confusion
– Bugfix: Search field in Create simple product was not displayed
– Bugfix: Call to a member function is_type() on boolean in /wp-content/plugins/invition-print-ship/classes/class-woo.php:219

Also we have changed the following:

– Rewritte prepareOrder function to make it more readable and cleaner
– Raised timeout for wp_remote_post to make sure big images and slow servers still work