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Find the best way to start selling your self-designed phone, tablet and MacBook cases

Integrating with your webshop


Anyone, anywhere can create a drop shipping business with Shopfiy. Shopify is one of the leading E-commerce platforms worldwide. Learn what options we have to help you to start selling on Shopify.


WooCommerce is the shop platform of WordPress. We have several suitable integration methods for WooCommerce. We can recommend our plug-and-play Printeers Print & Ship-plugin.

Other E-commerce systems

We can integrate all e-commerce platforms. Check out all our options to quickly start selling, no matter what platform your shop is on.

Custom API integrations

We can imagine you want to integrate our API directly. Our REST API is easy to understand and hosted on a Kubernetes cluster to guarantee the highest uptime possible.

Selling phone cases in retail

Printeers for retail

Printeers also offers solutions for the retail market. You can start your project without much risk even from one piece. Start your own phone cases brand today.

Invition retail solutions