Build your own integration with the Printeers Partner API

The functionality in the available plugins is always limited to the builder of the plugin and the needs of the market. If you need a custom solution, of course we are ready to help you to get started. We have experience with large companies, developing special requests and we like to be challenged. Just let us know what you would like to achieve and we will guide you through the process.

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Printeers Platform API Documentation

Our Partner API is an easy to integrate REST API, hosted on highly available servers in a Kubernetes cluster to guarantee the highest uptime possible. The integration docs are written using the Open API Specification making it easy to read and fast to integrate. We also have a Functional Requirements Description available describing every functionality needed for a smooth running integration.

Connect to Printeers with the PHP SDK

If you’re planning on building your own integration using PHP, make a jumpstart by using our Composer PHP client. This client is maintained and extended regularly. Each new feature in our API will be integrated in the client and made available through Composer for easy updates.