Printing phone, tablet and MacBook cases

Learn everything about our various printing methods.


Fast, flexible and high quality.

UV-printing on demand custom phone cases

Most of our products are UV-printed. We have over five years experience in UV-printing on phone cases and developed a unique process to make sure we can print high volumes of different cases at low costs.

Your image is processed through our system and automatically made print-ready for that specific phone model. Our Roland UV-printers are setup with CMYK and white inks. The printer first prints a white layer and secondly the right colour. Transparent areas in your image are not printed. The UV-light dries the ink and makes sure the ink will not come off.

We can print nearly any surface, from soft transparent phone cases to artificial leather wallet cases.

Why we use UV-printing:

  • High print quality

  • Fast and flexible

  • Can use transparency

  • Print on different surfaces

  • Only flat surfaces

UV-printed products:

detail phone case print with transparency
Back printed Soft cases

Soft protective case for over 200 phone models. Available in black or transparent.

custom wallet case - fully printed - iPhone and Samsung
Fully printed Wallet cases

Protective Wallet case, also great for carrying pocket money or cards.

Personalised soft case with cord for crossbody
Crossbody phone cases New

Wear your phone as a handbag. Available for all iPhones.

Quality control of our custom phone cases

Quality Control

Quality is important to us. That’s why we work with the four-eye principle. Our print operator first checks if the print batch is correct and brings it to our QC department. Here every case is checked before we ship it.


We use two kinds of sublimation printing: Film and paper sublimation.

Filmsublimation of fully printed tough phone cases

Film sublimation

Film sublimation is used to print around the edges of phone cases. First step: your design is printed on film paper and the jigs are pre-heated for further processing.

Secondly, we start the transfer phase. Heat and pressure is used to melt the film around a phone case. Heat opens the outside material of the case and turns the sublimation inks into gas. That way your design can transfer onto the product.

This printing technique is mostly used for photo printing. We use phone cases with special materials to maximize ink absorption for a vivid, photo paper-like result.

Film sublimation printed products:

Personalised tough case iPhone X and Xs
Tough phone cases

Tough phone cases are built for extra protection, combining a rubber inlay with a fully printed outer shell.

Paper sublimation printed products:

Personalised laptop sleeve
Laptop sleeves

Made of neoprene with a soft, fluffy lining. Laptop sleeves protect against bumps and scratches.

Personalised macbook sleeve sublimation proces image

Paper sublimation

Paper sublimation works similar to film sublimation. The difference is that paper sublimation is used for flat products.

First we print your design on special paper. Secondly your images are transferred on the product using heat and pressure. Our cases and sleeves are specially developed for sublimation printing.