custom phone cases woocommerce print on demand

Start selling phone cases using WooCommerce on demand.

Our solutions for WooCommerce:

Manual ordering

B2B-webshop Quick start

✔   Easy to use

✔   Free of charge

Invition Manual Ordering

You want to start now or first test your project? In that case we recommend manual ordering. You can register for an account and start immediately. You can use our B2B-webshop to place orders.

Once you have placed them we will ship your orders white label, directly to your customer. You can use our mockup generator to easily create your own product images. What are you waiting for? Start now, no initial setup needed.

Features of the Printeers B2B-webshop:

Automatic ordering

Built for WooCommerce

Printeers Print & Ship plugin Free

✔   Ready to install plugin

✔  Automatic ordering

Ready to automate? We have developed a free to use plugin connecting your WooCommerce shop with our systems. To get started you will need to request a B2B-account to access our automatic ordering solutions. Afterwards you can download the plugin and get started selling with your WooCommerce store.

Printeers Print & Ship has several features to help you automate your webshop. Check out Printeers Print & Ship!

Zakeke Product Customiser Premium

✔   Responsive designer

−   Zakeke charges a fee

We teamed up with Zakeke to offer an online product customiser. The mobile phone case design software is an extension of our free to install Print & Ship plugin for WooCommerce. When you install the Zakeke extension you can give your customers the option to customise our products. Zakeke will charge a small fee per order.

custom phone cases woocommerce

Order Desk Premium

✔   Automate sending orders

✔   No developer skills needed

−   Small fee per order

−   No stock sync

You can use Order Desk to send orders to our platform. Despite we recommend Printeers Print & Ship when you run a WooCommerce phone cases store, we can imagine that you might just want to transfer orders. Orders Desk helps you to streamline your order flow without the need of development.

Tailor-made solutions

Creating custom integrations

Custom integration

✔   Tailor-made solution

−   More time to setup

You might have other ideas or want to directly integrate to our platform. We have an easy to integrate REST API. Let us know about your challenges and we can help you to setup your project.