Print & Ship 1.9 launched for WooCommerce

Yesterday we have launched version 1.9.0 of the Print & Ship extension for WooCommerce. We jumped to 1.9 because there are some major changes. I will explain the changes below and the impact it might have on your website.

Storage location for order line print images

We have decided to move the storage location of print images on order line level to a different folder. In the past, every print image was stored in the media library. This causes a lot of polution in WordPress because in many cases a print image is only used once. This also had a lot of side effects, for example image optimalisation plugins also optimised all print images. We decided to split the print image storage to two different locations.

Product level print images

When you add a print image to a product, this means everyone who orders that product receives a product with the same print image. Because that image is reused, we store that in the media library. You might want to use it on different places and you want to keep it as long as the product exists. Therefore this is stored in the media library.

Order line level print image

When you sell each product with it’s own print image, for example when you make a design for each customer or when you use the Zakeke plugin, the print image is stored in a temporary location in the uploads folder. We did this because you don’t want all customer designs in the media library. This is also in preparation to a cleanup script which will be added in a future update cleaning up all customer designs 3 months after the order was finished.

Compatibility with WordPress 5.4 and WooCommerce 4

A lot of customers had issues with compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress. We have addressed all issues and tested the software. We solved issues with the Fusion builder and the admin showing a blank screen. The latest version of the plugin does not yet display compatibility with the latest versions. This confirmation will be added next week in a minor update. When you have issues with your website, feel free to update to the latest version anyway. Please report any bugs and issues to our support desk. If you are not experienced with WordPress we advice to wait until the next minor update before updating (1.9.1).

Cleanup and updates

Some old code has been removed from the plugin to keep it clean and readable. Also we have updated the library Advanced Custom Fields to version 5.8.9 to maintain stability. Some functions have been rewritten and some are completely removed. We also deleted the print image validation in the plugin as our printing system will validate and crop your image if necessary.