Gift items functionality added to WooCommerce

We have just released Invition Print and Ship for WooCommerce version 1.5.1. This version adds a new feature which can be used to add free gift or packing items to an order. You can use two different options.

Add an item to each order

This option automatically adds an item to each order. This means that when your customer places an order and this order is placed to Invition, the product of your choice is automatically added to the order. This can for example be a thank you note, a custom envelope or box or maybe a little gift you stocked in our warehouse to give to all your customers.

Add an item to each product

When using this option the plugin will count the number of items in the order and adds the same number of this product to the order. This can for example be used for item packaging, like a bag or a box for 1 phone case.