Bugfix for the Print & Ship Zakeke extension for WooCommerce

We have just released version 1.5 of the Zakeke extension for Invition Print & Ship. In this version we have fixed the bug where the import queue can remain hanging when a product is not ready for use in Zakeke. This means that a product will now only be imported once. When the import fails, the product will be removed from the queue. You can always try to import this product later. These are the possible statuses for a product import:

  • No icon: The product is not scheduled or awaiting import
  • Orange circle arrow: The product import has started at Zakeke. We’re awaiting the import status. This can take a few minutes.
  • Green check mark: The product was imported succesfully. Now you should see a Customize button at the product on your website.
  • Red cross: Something in the import failed. This can be an issue in the settings, or we don’t have the data for Zakeke available yet. You can read more¬† in the debug logs if you want to check this.