Invition publishes open-source ‘Print & Ship’ plugin for WooCommerce

Invition publishes its free and open-source Print & Ship plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin makes it easy to create product variations for every phone device and case type. Invition Print and Ship for WooCommerce enables store owners to start selling their custom designs on over 400 different phone cases without much effort. Product images are automatically added to the individual product variations using the high quality online rendering service, which is provided for free by Invition.

Automated dropshipping service, product and price updates

When a consumer orders a product that is managed by the Print & Ship plugin, the order is automatically sent to the Invition production platform for processing. Invition prints and dropships the order to the customer. The plugin automatically updates the order status and shipping details. Product data such as stock levels and retail prices are automatically synced. By combining an easy workflow to create product variations and an automated order production platform, Invition makes selling unique phone cases straightforward and profitable. The WooCommerce plugin is available for free in the WordPress directory as ‘’Invition Print & Ship’’.