Print & Ship 1.15 for WooCommerce: Improved error handling and order processing

We have just released Print & Ship 1.15. This version contains some bugfixes and improved logic. Thanks to all our partners who have been reporting the issues and suggestions to us.

Bugfix: Removed limit from orders cronjob

The cronjob for placing orders in our platform used to have a limit. This limit was linked to the setting how many orders are displayed on one page in the admin. This means that if there are more open order than allowed on one page in the WordPress admin, new orders are not placed in the Invition Platform until older orders are fully processed. We have explicitly set this to unlimited now. We also did some optimizations to this process.

Improved error reporting when orders cannot be placed

When an order cannot be placed, it will now automatically be marked as On Hold. The plugin changes the order status to prevent itself from keep trying to place the order every minute. An e-mail is sent to the web admin notifying that the order has been marked as On Hold. This email now also contains the related error information to make it easier to identify and solve the problem. This error is also displayed in the order notes. Your customer can’t see this note.

Links to the support desk

The links to our support desk on various pages of the plugin have been fixed. We have also added some links on other pages to make it easier to find the right information about a function in the plugin. This will be expanded over the next coming weeks with new guides and improved information.

Invition order reference on the WooCommerce orders page

On the WooCommerce Orders page we have added a column showing if an order was sent to the Invition Platform. This column also contains the order reference. With this reference you can also find the order in the Invition Dashboard.

Tested up to the latest WordPress version

We have extensively tested our plugin with the latest version. This will now also be displayed in your WordPress again. No issues have been reported. Off course, always make a backup before installing new updates.