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Technical support

For the most asked questions we have written some guides to make the technical support faster and easier. Read more about our order API, our WooCommerce plugin and the integrations with partners like Order Desk in this section. Our tech team is ready to support you per mail if you have any questions. If you haven’t made any sales yet, it’s also possible to start by manual ordering to make a head start. If you have a lot of sales and need a quick solution to process al your pending orders, please give us a call. We can assist you handling this as smoothly as possible!

Print & Ship for WooCommerce

How to manage the WooCommerce shipping emails

Managing shipping mails can be confusing in WooCommerce. This guide will help you setup the shipping mails. What you need for this guide: A WordPress site with WooCommerce and Print & Ship configured Experience with WordPress Basic technical knowledge The Track [...]

How to place an order from WooCommerce

The Print & Ship plugin can automatically place orders in the Printeers Platform. To do this, you need some configuration. If you have an issue placing the order, please follow the checklist below to make sure it works. This guide applies to you if: You have [...]

How to use the Product Updates in Print & Ship for WooCommerce

The Print & Ship plugin for WordPress has a function called Product Updates built in which can be used to automatically update product data like prices, stock, images and basic settings, generate product variations and render product images with your design. To use this function we first have to [...]

Partner API

Building a custom integration with our Partner API

We have a REST API for managing orders, downloading product and stock lists and rendering previews available for free. Please refer to our API documentation to see how the API works. You need credentials to use the API. Credentials can be requested through our signup form. We have both [...]

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