The Print & Ship plugin can automatically place orders in the Printeers Platform. To do this, you need some configuration. If you have an issue placing the order, please follow the checklist below to make sure it works.

This guide applies to you if:

  • You have a WooCommerce store

  • You have a basic knowledge about WordPress

  • You have installed and configured Printeers Print & Ship

  • You have an active account for the Printeers Dashboard

Was my order placed in the Printeers Platform?

There are two ways to check if the order is placed.

The order has an order reference in the notes

When an order is placed, our plugin will place a comment in the order notes. This will state that the order was succesfully placed at Printeers and also display the reference we gave to the order. This reference can also be used to find your orders later or when you contact our support desk about a specific order.

Check the Printeers Dashboard to see if your order is there

The Invition Dashboard shows all your orders in the Printeers Platform. If your order is there, it will be processed by us. If your order is placed in the Platform by the plugin, you should always be able to see the order there. When you’re starting with your webshop and placed the first order, always make sure to check the Printeers Dashboard if everything looks like it should.

You can use the Dashboard to modify orders after they are placed in the Printeers Platform.

Troubleshooting the plugin when an order is not placed

Follow the checklist below to find out why the order was not placed.

  • Are your API details valid?

    You can check this by navigating to Printeers > Settings, check if the fields API user and API key are filled and click Save. You should see an error if the details are wrong.

  • Is the WordPress cronjob running?

    We use the WordPress cronjob to send orders to the Printeers Platform. If this is not running your order will never be placed. By default WordPress uses a so called ‘Poor mans cron’. This cron is fired when a visitor opens your website and runs in the background. This means that if you have a new webshop and few to no visitors, your cron might not be running properly. We always recommend disabling the Poor mans cronjob and enable a real cronjob as this is much more reliable.

    There are plugins available to check your cron status. We use the plugin WP Crontrol to check the cronjob.

  • Does the order contain any Printeers items?

    An order is only placed when it contains Printeers items. When the code is checking for new orders it will fetch all orders with at least 1 Printeers product. You can check if the product is configured right by going to WooCommerce > Products, find the product in your order and click Edit. Scroll down to ‘Printeers Print & Ship’. Here you can check if the Printeers services have been enabled and if the product has an Printeers SKU. This is the article number used to place the order in the Printeers Platform.

  • Does the order have the right order status?

    The plugin only places orders with the right status. Navigate to Printeers > Settings and check which order status is selected in the settings. Only orders with that status will be placed, all others will be ignored. Make sure your order has this status.

  • Does every print product have a print image?

    Print products cannot be ordered without a print image. Please make sure that the order has a print image for all print products. The print image can be in two places. You can add a print image at WooCommerce > Products when you open the product and scroll to Printeers Print & Ship. Yyou can also upload a print image specific for this order / product by opening the order and uploading the image to the product on the order page.

  • Are there errors?

    There are two places to check for errors. First the order notes. This should state very clear that something is wrong with placing the order in the Printeers Platform. If this does not show anything you can check the debug logs. This has to be enabled first. Go to Printeers > Settings and enable the debug log. Don’t forget to save. Now wait for 5 – 10 minutes to make sure the cronjob has tried to place the order.

    Open your FTP or SSH and navigate to wp-content/uploads/ and open print-and-ship.log. This should contain the error why the order was not placed. If the file is not there, check your file permissions.