We are sorry to hear that your order never arrived. We have made a checklist to see where this went wrong and what to do.

  • Was the order already shipped?

    First thing to check is if the order was already shipped. It’s possible that the order is backordered because not all products were in stock when placing the order. Please check if your order is already completed. If you placed the order in the Invition Webshop, you can check the order status by logging in there. If you placed your order through the API, plugins or Dashboard, login to the Invition Dashboard to check your order status. If your order is not in the Open orders list you can find it with the search function.

  • What was the expected transit time?

    Transit times vary between different shipping levels. Regular mail takes longer then a premium shipment for example. Take a look on this page for shipping and delivery times.

    Covid19 also affects the transit time. Please be aware of delays because of Covid and check the current local situation!

  • Which shipping level did you use?

    If you used Tracked or Premium shipment, there is a tracking code. You can find the tracking code in your Invition Webshop account or in the Dashboard. This tracking code should also display if an order is delivered or if there are any issues / delays.

Send an investigation request

If the above did not give you the information you need and your order is already past the expected transit time, you can send an investigation request. If you fill in all the details and send the request, we will dive in to it immediately and get back to you with more information about the shipment.