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Warranty & Returns

First of all: We will make you happy again! We’re always improving our systems and workflows to make sure we make less and less mistakes, but nobody is perfect. Unfortunately it happens sometimes that something is not according to expectations. We can’t avoid every mistake, but we can solve every problem! Read below how we handle warranty requests, what happens when a product is faulty or when a product never arrives. Can’t find your answer? Contact us through the Support page and we will help you.

The customer received the wrong product

Our system is built to ensure high quality deliveries and to prevent humans from making mistakes. We rarely ship the wrong product. Even with all these measures it is always possible to make a mistake. If we sent the wrong customer, you can request a replacement below. Important note! [...]

The order was not delivered

We are sorry to hear that your order never arrived. We have made a checklist to see where this went wrong and what to do. Was the order already shipped? First thing to check is if the order was already shipped. It's possible that the order is backordered [...]

The product arrived broken

We pack our products carefully to prevent damage. Nevertheless it is possible that a product arrives broken. We replace products for free if they were broken upon delivery. Please fill in the form below to request a replacement. Request a replacement