Meet our custom phone and tablet cases

Sell over 400 different phone cases with your designs.

Soft phone cases

We have a Soft case for almost all phone models. These phone cases are flexible and almost unbreakable. Our Soft cases are made of TPU. 

detail phone case print with transparency

Back printed Soft cases Popular

The clear soft case is our most popular product: protective thanks to the TPU-material and transparancy in design possible.

Custom Biodegradable cases


We have biodegradable cases for all iPhones (iPhone 7 – iPhone 13). These cases are made of wheat straw and TPU.

Hard phone cases

Hard cases are often chosen by consumers that like slim fit. We can print on the back of hard cases and offer fully printed cases.

Dual customised hard cases

Back printed cases

We have transparent back printed hard cases in for all popular phones. Back printed cases are printed with UV-printers.

Custom fully printed hard case detail2

Fully printed cases

Also known as snap cases. Fully printed cases are shiny and perfect for photo printing. These cases are printed using Film sublimation.

Wallet cases

Wallet cases are available in two versions: front or fully printed. These type of phone cases are made to protect your phone and carry pocket money or cards easily with you.

Front printed wallet cases

Front printed

We offer a Front printed wallet case for over 30 phone models. These cases are printed using our sublimation printing technology. The Front printed wallet cases are overall black except for the printable front.


We also offer customisable protection for tablets and laptops. We selected the most popular products for both: smart cases for iPad and protective sleeves for laptops.

Personalised laptop sleeve

Laptop sleeves

We offer laptop Sleeves in 13 inch and 15 inch. The sleeves are made of thick neoprene to absorb shocks. The inside of the sleeve has a fluffy coating to protect your laptop. Sleeves are printed at the front using sublimation printing.

Special phone cases

We are always looking to broaden our our product range, so you can offer a wide and unique assortment. Meet our Crossbody and Tough cases.

Personalised soft case with cord for crossbody

Crossbody cases New

The Crossbody case is also known as the festival case. They are made of a hard plastic back, soft sides and with an extra bumper on the edges of the case. These phone cases are available for all iPhones.

Costum tough case for Iphone and Samsung

Tough cases

Build for consumers looking for extra protection. These cases are made of two layers: a rubber base layer at the inside and a fully printed hard case at the outside. Tough cases are available for all iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S-series.

Invition fully printed wallet case production

Custom requirements

Do you have the products, but not the printers to print them? No problem! We have over ten years of experience with UV and sublimation printing techniques. Let’s get in touch and talk about the possibilities.

Filmsublimation of fully printed tough phone cases