We are excited to announce that we are cooperating with Teeinblue. Teeinblue offers extended personalization options for your customers. They can preview what they customize in real time and change every part of the product they order.

CSV-export for orders

When you use Teeinblue you can create a CSV order export made for our system with one click. This file is ready to upload in our system straight away. You can upload the CSV-file in our Partner Dashboard.

If you do not have access to our Partner Dashboard yet, you can register for automated ordering and get started soon.

Teeinblue personalization tool
Personalization with Teeinblue

More about Teeinblue

Teeinblue is available for Shopify and starts at $19/month. We recommend contacting Teeinblue directly if you want to get started. If you are not sure yet about which tools to use, do not hesitate to contact us.

Website: https://teeinblue.com

Support desk: https://support.teeinblue.com