If you want to cancel an order this guide will help you. Please note:

  • When the order is already shipped, there is nothing we can do

  • We do not cancel orders by phone

Printeers B2B Webshop

If you placed your order manually through the Printeers webshop, you cannot cancel an order yourself. First step is to login to the webshop and check if the order is already shipped. If the order is not completed yet, contact us through the contact form on the Support page and request for cancellation. To be able to cancel an order we need:

  • An order number or customer name

We cannot guarantee that we are able to cancel on order this is in production yet. Our production facility is processing orders all day and we cannot always intercept the order before it is shipped.

Automatic ordering

If your order was placed through:

  • The Dashboard

  • The API

  • WooCommerce plugin

  • Order Desk

The order can be canceled through our Dashboard if it is not in production yet. You are able to cancel orders whose status is ‘pending’. If you want to cancel an order with multiple products, each product needs to be cancelled separately. You can cancel a product by clicking on the order, next clicking on the product, and change the quantity with -1 (or more). Finally, you can confirm with the cancel-button. Your canceled order will disappear from the list of open orders. You can still find the order by searching the reference number.