VerpackG is the German recycling law to make companies responsible for their own waste. For online shops that includes product packaging and shipping packaging.

Is Printeers complient with VerpackG (German Packaging Act)?

The short answer: yes, we are. You do not need any registration yourself, if you sell just our products or products that ship from our warehouse. We are registered in the Lucid Zentrale Verpackungsregister.

What is VerpackG and what are we covering for you?

VerpackG is introduced to lower impact of packaging waste to the environment. We decided to cover all costs for VerpackG for you. That includes any packaging you stock at us or any packaging we use for our shipments to your customers. If you sell additional products you send yourself (not from our warehouse), you need to register for VerpackG by going to

I already have a registration for VerpackG

If you already have registered for VerpackG and only use our products or products stored in our warehouse, we recommend to cancel your license. That simply saves you money.