This article is helpful for you if you want to place one big order or are ordering a lot items per week.

I want to place one big order

We give volume discounts on orders from 100 pieces in one order. Contact us with the exact details of your request. If you want to order less than 100 pieces and order manually or are new to us, go to our webshop and place your order manually. If you have automated your order flow and use our Partner Dashboard, you can place your order there.

I am ordering a lot every week

You might have a growing business or want to know more about the possibilities when you grow your sales volumes. If you are still ordering manually, the first step will be to automate your order flow or use our Partner Dashboard to place your orders from now on. That way you have 10% discount on all your orders. When ordering over 100 items every week in at least 4 constructive weeks you can apply for volume discounts. Contact us in that case.