This article only applies to you when your company places orders using automatic orderdering (our Dashboard). Your account cannot be suspended when you order manually. If you still notice that you cannot access your account when ordering manually, please send us a message.

The reason: you have overdue invoices

We only suspend accounts that have overdue invoices. All invoices need to be paid within 14 days from invoice date. When we do not receive your payment within that time frame, we might suspend your account. We will always send you a mail that we have suspended your account.

Does it affect placing orders?

The short answer is: no. You can still place orders, but we will simply not ship them. You don’t have to worry that we stop accepting orders or any orders disappear when your account is suspended.

How can I re-active my account?

Send a message to our invoices team ( with a screen shot of your payment(s) and you account (company) name. When that is received and approved by our invoices team we deblock your account. Note that it can take up to max 1 work day to handle your deblocking request.