We might be able to help you if you want to supply your own print items to print. We can only accept these items for our UV-printers. The maximum size we can print is 51 x 71 cm. You can only order your own print items if you use automatic ordering or our Dashboard.

Minimum volume for own print items

We have initial costs when we add print items to our system and prepare them for print. A minimum volume of 50 pieces per SKU is required for your own supplied print items. You have to pre-pay your first 50 orders for that item. After that we will charge you per order.

Also, since you own that products and are storing it in our warehouse, we need to charge you with our warehouse fee. We’ll charge you € 1,- per SKU per week for these products. It doesn’t matter if you stock 1 or 1000 pieces of the same SKU in our warehouse the fee is still the same.

Your print items belong to you and are only visible for you

Print items you supply belong uniquely to you. We will not use these items or sell them to other partners. You can find your items back in the Dashboard under partner owned items.