Our prices are all documented in the Printeers Pricelist for Products & Shipping. All our product prices include a full colour print and are excluding shipping and VAT.

Product prices are always excluding VAT

All our listed prices are excluding VAT, both products and shipping prices. You can check if you have to pay VAT in this article:

One price per product type

We have a price for each product type. That means that all transparent soft cases for smart phones have the same price. Each fully printed wallet has the same price. It doesn’t matter if you order for iPhone 14 or for an old model like Samsung Galaxy S9. The product type defines the price.

Price changes

Our main focus is automating and improving our production processes. This means that we’re getting better and faster every year making it easier and easier to maintain competitive prices. We will always keep improving ourselves so we can make sure you make a profit on our products.

It’s not always possible to prevent a price change, the prices can change periodically. This is done because our prices and profit margins are calculated very sharp. We periodically evaluate our costs to make sure our prices are competitive while we can still make a profit. When the price for raw materials goes up, or when the couriers index their prices, this could mean we also have to change our prices too.

Updates per mail

We will always send you an update on month before the prices will change so you have enough time to make your calculations.

Volume discounts

When you are ordering more frequently and are using automated ordering, make sure you are aware of our volume prices.