How to use the gift items option with Print & Ship

In the WordPress plugin we have built a nice feature for adding extra items to orders automatically. This can be used for gifs and promotions. A few examples: You can create a thank you note, send it to our warehouse and let us add it to each order automatically. Also, you can send us custom packaging which we add to each order. It’s also possible to send in product packaging, freebies or other items.

Add an item to each order

If you enter a valid article number in this box, this item will be added automatically to each order which is sent to Invition. This can not be a printed product! Please note that this will happen in the background. You don’t see it in your WordPress website, but you will be able to see it in the order when you login to the Invition Dashboard. You can use this function for a custom thank you note, extra gifts or a custom packaging.

Add an item to each ordered product

If you add a valid Invition article number to this box, this product will be added once for each added products. If you place an order with three phone cases, this option will add the product three times. This option can be used for product packaging. Please note, this option also does not support print items!