Short answer: Only when you’re using automatic integrations. This is not possible with the webshop, but it is in the API.

It’s possible to add custom packaging to your orders when you’re using our API. This applies to:

When using one of these options, you can send us some packaging. We will add these to our warehouse and give you an article number. This article number can be used to place orders for this packaging. The packaging is partner-owned in our system, that means you are the only one who can see them in the product list. Other Printeers partners can’t see your packaging. Please note that a storage fee is calculated weekly for stored packaging so make sure to have enough sales to cover the storage fee. Contact our support desk for more information.

How it works

The process works as follows:

  1. Send us the information about your packaging through the form below.
  2. We will send you the article numbers for each item you send us and the item appears in your Dashboard or API when added to our system
  3. Clearly mark the packaging with the article number upon shipment. It is okay to mark bundles of a packaging with the article code, as long as it’s clear to us what is what.
  4. Ship the packaging to us
  5. We will add it to the warehouse
  6. You can order the packaging using the article number we provided on step 2

We will also do stock management for you. That means that when your packaging is running low, you will receive a notification from us that you have to resupply your stock to make sure it’s still available for ordering. Stock notifications are an extra service free of charge and we are not responsible for packaging getting out of stock. If you place an order while your packaging is out of stock, the order will remain pending until new stock is supplied.

Processing your shipment

Your shipment will be processed in 1 – 2 work days after delivery at our warehouse. If your shipment information is incomplete, an administration fee of 30 euros will be charged! Please keep in mind that stocking and ordering your own packaging through our warehouse is not free. Contact our support desk for more information about pricing.

Product application form

This form can be used both for custom packaging as for other custom items like thank you notes and up-sell products

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    Please add the Printeers SKU if this product was already added to our system. For new products, this field can be left empty.

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