When your order is printed and shipped depends on a few factors. In this article we will explain these factors and help you determine when your order will be printed.

The short answer:

  • Orders placed on work days before 16:00 will be shipped the same day when in stock
  • Fully printed wallets and iPad products will be shipped the next work day when in stock.

All products are in stock when placing the order

If all products were in stock when you placed the order, it will be printed the next work day. When you placed the order on a work day before 16:00 Amsterdam time, it’s even printed the same day.

Not all products are in stock when placing the order

If not all products were in stock, we will place your order in backorder. We don’t ship orders partially, your order will remain in backorder until everything is back in stock. Usually this takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on the deliveries we expect. Feel free to contact our customer support for more information about backordered items.

If you have an account for the Dashboard, you can find expected delivery dates at your order and in the products list.

Are there exceptions?

Yes there is one exception. The above does not apply for fully printed wallets and iPad products. Those products have a printing time of 2 work days.