How to market your phone cases website

We often receive questions for marketing tips of a Print On Demand phone cases website. Marketing can be approached logical. When you follow the 5 steps below you can be sure you won’t miss the most important online marketing basics.

1. Describe what you’re selling

The first step is to get clear what you’re exactly selling. I hear you already thinking: I’m selling phone cases smart-ass. Sure, but there are prints on it that are unique. Why have you choosen for that prints and what is your long term goal? Print On Demand products give you an opportunity to focus on a niche, jump on a hype or use it as merchandise. Our most succesful partners focus on one of these strategies.

2. Find your target audience

This is related to step 1. You might be doing step 1 and 2 together. It’s important to know which people are/can be interested in your niche, hype or merchandise. After that you are making promotions on the places they are.

3. Define your promotional strategies

1. The most important thing is your website. Put that always on number one. Still your website is an ongoing project. Make sure it works well and update regularly. Always ask yourself: what would I want to see if I was a customer on my own website?

2. Secondly, make a list of important keywords you want to be found on. Google’s Keyword Planner can help you here for example. You can use these keywords to write text for your pages and blogs. It’s important to find out on which keywords you want to rank high in search engines. The good thing about writing pages or blogs is that you can generate free traffic to your website.

4. Advertise or collaborate

1. Social media and influencers. For example: if you are selling cases of sports teams, you can promote your products in FaceBook groups of sport fanatics or run FaceBook/Instagram ads focused on people that support a team or are interested in sports. Also you can try to find influencers that can walk around with your phone cases. This can be extremely effective to reach the right customers.

2. Google or Bing ads can be effective as you can set your budgets and keywords to target customers. You can use the keywords of step 3 for your advertisements.

5. Measure and improve

Google Analytics for example will give you a lot insights about your website and campaigns. Make sure you have a tool to measure what you’re doing. That helps you to improve your strategy and focus on the promotions that result in profit. Don’t look every day at your promotions, you first need at least a few hundred of clicks from a promotion to measure it’s effectiveness. If you change your strategy to often, your data is not useful enough to make decisions.

This is a general guideline about how you can do marketing and promotion for your Print On Demand phone cases website. If you want to know more of the different advertisement programs, try to read about them online. There are plenty of useful blogs about online marketing. But don’t forget to just start promoting products without having very clear what you’re selling, who your target audience is and what your keywords are. If you know that combined with a well-working website and measure your results your promotions will give you much more in return. Good luck!