New products September 2019; MacBook cases and more

We’re glad to announce that we offer MacBook cases from now on! These cases will come in 2 parts; one for the top of and one for the bottom of a MacBook. This product is made of hard plastic material and can be customised at the top. MacBook cases are available at € 18,80, the suggested retail price is € 44,95.

Also we extended our range with even more customisable phone cases. Please find an overview below:

Fully printed sublimation phone cases

H20970000 Samsung Galaxy S10 Hard case (fully printed, gloss)

Back printed UV soft cases

B63550000 Huawei P20 Lite (2019) Soft case (back printed, transparent)
B63560000 OnePlus 7 Soft case (back printed, transparent)
B63570000 OnePlus 7 Pro Soft case (back printed, transparent)
B63170000 Personalized Huawei Mate 20 Soft case (back printed, transparent)

Front (top) printed MacBook hard cases

M90040000 MacBook Pro 15-inch Hard case Transparent
M90030000 MacBook Air 13-inch Hard case Transparent