We’re excited to announce that we just released the Invition Dashboard!

You can use our Dashboard to manage your orders. With our dashboard you’ll have a handy tool with a lot of features always with you: to place new orders, change order addresses, cancel items, view products and even more. The Invition Dashboard is now available as Android and Mac OS app. We will launch an iOS app for Apple’s mobile devices soon.

Our Dashboard will be the main tool you will work with in the future. It gives you more possibilities and is a lot more user-friendly compared to our current B2B-store. If you’re using our API or WooCommerce-plugin our dashboard will give you more details about your orders. We recommend you to install and switch to our Dashboard software as soon as it’s available for your device.

Logging in for the first time

First download the app for your device here: https://printeers.com/dashboard/

To login for the first time you have to use your current B2B-store email address  and click on ‘’forgot password’’. You’ll receive an email to update your account information.