New products June 2019

We have recently added some new products including cases for LG G8 ThinQ and new Samsung A-series! You can find a list below. Keep yourself live up to date about our new products using our API-data, WooCommerce-plugin or live SKU-list.

Products are first available via our API and WooCommerce-plugin and later in our B2B-store. If you have questions about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fully printed sublimation back cases

H20970000 Samsung Galaxy S10 Hard case (fully printed, gloss)

Fully printed sublimation Tough cases

T11170000 Samsung Galaxy S8 Tough case (fully printed, black, gloss)

Back printed UV soft cases

B63520000 LG G8 ThinQ Soft case (back printed, transparent)
B63530000 Samsung Galaxy A40 Soft Case (back printed, transparent)
B63540000 Samsung Galaxy A50 Soft Case (back printed, transparent)
B63510000 Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Soft case (back printed, transparent)