iPhone 11 Wallet cases and fully printed cases are now available

We are excited to announce we have more iPhone 11 cases available from now on! We extended our range with full printed cases and fully printed wallet cases. Also we added the iPad Air 10.5 (2019) Smart case to our range. Please find a list below.

Fully printed sublimation phone cases

H20980000 Apple iPhone 11 Hard case (fully printed, matte)
H20990000 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Hard case (fully printed, matte)
H21000000 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Hard case (fully printed, matte)

Fully printed UV wallet cases

W70220000 Apple iPhone 11 Wallet case (fully printed)
W70230000 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Wallet case (fully printed)
W70240000 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet case (fully printed)

iPad UV Smart cases

S80130000 Smart Case Apple iPad Air 10.5 (2019)